Programmes and Courses

Currently, the Mekelle University School of Law offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Law.  The Graduate profile of the School is To: produce qualified persons who are characterized by maturity of judgment, problem solving abilities, research ability and inclination, knowledge of the content and practice of the law, and high ethical and professional standards. Graduates will be able to serve in different laws area such as judges, attorneys, prosecutors, legal advisers, public defenders, advisers to the government, private practitioners, and advisers to private enterprises. The Professional Profile of the School is: To produce qualified Professional who can compete in the legal practice the view to meeting the societal demands in market

Offered Degrees

Academic Calendar

The School of Law is  governed by the General Academic Calendar of the University which is approved by the Senate. To download the calendar, please click the following link.

Academic Calendar, 2006 E.C

LL.B in Law and LL.M