1. Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Center


  • Creating environment sensitive generation and environmental friendly development policies and laws that will enable present and future generations to live a prosperous and dignified life in a clean and healthy environment.


  • Alerting the public about the need for environmental protection and the impacts of environmental problems and damages;
  • Working for the adoption and enactment of laws that ensure the prevention of environmental damages and that provide adequate and appropriate remedies whenever damage occurs to the environment;
  • Ensuring that victims of environmental pollution and damage get access to justice;
  • Becoming a major resource centre on environment and related issues by publishing research outputs and by providing the general public access to publications of all kind, laws and policies on environment;
  • Working in collaboration with governmental and nongovernmental organizations that are concerned with the environment;
  • Initiating and assisting the establishment of environmental clubs, associations and centers and establishing a network among the same in different parts of Tigray and Ethiopia for the better protection of the environment and natural resources.


  • To organize and support training programs for stakeholders to tune in their policies, procedures and outcome in an environment friendly manner and ensure public participation on decisions that may affect the quality and nature of the environment and natural resources;
  • Assisting people to be the primary beneficiaries of their natural resources by upholding the provisions of the Constitution;
  •  Extending free legal assistance to individuals or people who have been victimized by environmental problems and to those who are denied of their right to reasonable exploitation of their natural resources, and making sure that these people get justice;


  •  To give consultancy services to regional and federal institutions and private national and international organizations in the area of environmental and natural resources management and law;
  • To create a knowledge base to be utilized by stakeholders that will help to raise the awareness of the public, the legislature, government officials, judges, legal practitioners, NGOs and other concerned organs on environmental issues;
  •  To help strengthen institutions which function as positive pressure groups for the adoption of policies and laws that addresses all the existing and potential environmental concerns, and serve as watchdogs towards their effective enforcement.