MU Law Journal

Mekelle University as a higher institution is expected to contribute to the body of knowledge through different publications in monographs, books, conference proceedings and emphatically on journals. One of the journals with such purpose is Mekelle University Law Journal. Mekelle University Law Journal is of particular relevance to disseminate research findings of the School and other scholars.

The Mekelle University Law Journal can enhance the overall legal system and justice in Tigray, Ethiopia and the World. One of the ways of integrating Ethiopia to the world can be effectively made through disseminating different publication in higher institutions among which Mekelle University is one. Publication is the basic way of showing up for any higher institution in the academic world.

Mekelle University Law Journal was established with the purpose of serving as an outlet of the School of Law to the surrounding society and the public at large.  Mekelle University Law Journal has so far released two issues which are available in soft and hard copies. The Law Journal has also concluded a contract with Hein online to get its journals disseminated on this internationally known website.