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It is our pleasure to announce the coming of a third issues, Mekelle University Law Journal. Hence, for its third issues, which will come out in the near future, it would like to call for contributions on issues of legal nature by all interested individuals.
Being confident on your cooperation, it expects submissions having either of the following forms: scholarly articles, case comments, comments on drafts or enacted laws, book reviews, and research outputs.
Contributors shall take the following notes into consideration:
·         All contributions shall be original works of the author, which has not been published anywhere. It should contain all the references used in the work indicated by footnotes.
·         Contributions may be submitted in English, Amharic or any other local language. Contributions made in other languages than English or Amharic shall be accompanied by an abstract of the text in English.
·         All contributions shall not be more than 10, 000 words including footnotes.
  • All contributors shall submit their work in soft     copy. All contributions shall be written in 12 fonts; 1.5 spaced.     Abstracts shall not exceed a page.
·         Contributors will get a free copy of the Journal in which their work appears.
·         Contributors can get the policy and detailed rules of citations upon request.
·         Priority will be given to the contributions contributed first
 All contributions should be sent to the following address:
E-mail: To MULJ at                                   Mail: To Mekelle University   Law Journal                                                                                                                                          P.O.Box 451                                                  
    (Tel: 914720497 or 920427962)                                                   Ethiopia